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IDocumentMerger Properties

The IDocumentMerger type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBookmarkTitles
Get or sets the array of titles for navigation bookmarks. The number of titles in the array must be equal to number of PDF files that you are merging.
Public propertyCheckPermissions
Defines whether respect permissions set by document owner. If True, extractor throws exception when the extraction is prohibited.
Public propertyGenerateBookmarks
Gets or sets whether to generate navigation bookmarks (so-called "Outlines") for the merged parts. PDF viewers usually show bookmarks in the sidebar.
Public propertyLicenseInfo
Gets license information.
Public propertyMergedDocumentTitle
Sets custom title of the merged document. By default, merged document will have title of the first document.
Public propertyRegistrationKey
Registration key.
Public propertyRegistrationName
Registration name.
Public propertyRenameMatchingFieldsDuringMerge
Sets whether to rename form controls with the same names when merging.
Public propertyVersion
Gets the component version number.
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