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AttachmentInfo Properties

The AttachmentInfo type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCC
CC field (optional).
Public propertyDate
Date of the attachment (optional). Default DateTime.MinValue means undefined.
Public propertyDateCreated
Date created (optional). Default DateTime.MinValue means undefined.
Public propertyDateModified
Date modified (optional). Default DateTime.MinValue means undefined.
Public propertyDescription
Description (optional).
Public propertyDisplayName
Display name (optional).
Public propertyFileName
Filename for the attachment.
Public propertyFileNameUnicode
Unicode Filename for the attachment (optional).
Public propertyFileSize
File size (optional).
Public propertyFolderLocation
Folder location (optional).
Public propertyFrom
From field (optional).
Public propertyGUID
GUID (unique id) (optional).
Public propertyImportance
Importance, e.g. "High" (optional).
Public propertyName
Name of the attachment.
Public propertyOrder
Order (optional).
Public propertySubject
Subject (optional).
Public propertySubjectPrefix
Subject prefix, e.g. "RE: " (optional).
Public propertySubtype
Subtype based on MIME types, e.g. "application/pdf" (optional).
Public propertySummary
Summary (optional).
Public propertyThumbnail
Thumbnail (preview of the attachment) (optional).
Public propertyTo
To field (optional).
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