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ISearchablePDFMakerMakePDFSearchableToVariant Method (Int32, Int32)

Processes the document with OCR (Optical Character Recognition), adds the recognized characters as invisible text over the images and returns the result PDF document as array of bytes. This is COM/ActiveX-compatible version of the method MakePDFSearchable(Stream, Int32, Int32).

Assembly: Bytescout.PDFExtractor (in Bytescout.PDFExtractor.dll) Version:
Object MakePDFSearchableToVariant(
	int startPage,
	int endPage


Type: SystemInt32
Index of the start page of page range to process.
Type: SystemInt32
Index of the end page of page range to process. Use -1 to specify "to the end of the document".

Return Value

Type: Object
Array of bytes as Object that is exposed to ActiveX/COM as array of objects of Variant datatype ('Variant()').
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