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DocumentSplitterSplitToVariant Method

Splits PDF or TIFF document to multiple documents according to the specified ranges and returns the result PDF documents as array of byte arrays. This is COM/ActiveX-compatible version of the method Split(Stream, String) for in-memory processing of PDF files.

Assembly: Bytescout.PDFExtractor (in Bytescout.PDFExtractor.dll) Version:
public Object SplitToVariant(
	Object sourceDocument,
	string ranges


Type: SystemObject
Byte array of the source document as 'Variant()'.
Type: SystemString
Comma-separated list of page ranges in form "1-4,5,7,8-15,16-". Page numbers are 1-based. Ending "-" means "to the last page". You can also use inverted page numbers adding '!' before the number. E.g. "!1" means "the last page", "2-!2" means "from the second to the penultimate page", "!2-" - last two pages". Also, you can also use single asterisk "*" character as the range to split the document into separate pages.

Return Value

Type: Object
Array of byte arrays containing splitted parts which are presented as 'Variant()'.


IDocumentSplitterSplitToVariant(Object, String)
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