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ByteScout Renderer SDK fails with ASP.NET on a specific server but works on another

When encountering issue Renderer SDK fails with ASP.NET on a specific server but works on others, follow these recommendations:

  • Ensure all required files are in place: Your .NET application should include all files from the /Redistributable/netVersion/ folder.

  • Execute VBScript sample script: If the full version installer for the Renderer SDK has been executed on your server, download, unpack, and run this VBScript sample script: PDF Renderer SDK To Text. A failure here may indicate a need for a full reinstall of the SDK.

  • If the previous test fails, Try an isolated .NET sample: Compile and run an isolated .NET sample with C#, then copy it onto the server’s Desktop and run it from the command line: PDF Renderer SDK. If this step fails, some required files might be missing on this server.

  • Check for necessary runtime files: Verify the presence of necessary runtime files on the server: .NET Framework 4.5 or .NET Framework 4.7 and Microsoft C++ Runtime (needed for rendering fonts in PDF Renderer SDK). Choose the x86 or x64 version, or install both.

  • Test standalone compiled C# sample: If the standalone compiled C# sample works but your application doesn’t, attempt running this isolated .NET web application: ASP.NET sample for PDF to PNG.

Consider additional actions for ASP.NET issues: If the isolated ASP.NET C# compiled application does not function then consider implementing the following solutions:

  1. Please adjust the IIS Application Pool for your app to use .NET 4.7.2 (a restart may be necessary).
  2. Make sure that your IIS is configured correctly to host .NET applications. The problem could be due to a misconfiguration. You can refer to the official Microsoft guide on how to host ASP.NET apps on IIS for assistance.
  3. Verify that your web app has the required permissions to access and execute the DLL files from the ByteScout SDKs.
  4. Consider running the app under a different user account in the IIS Application Pool. Sometimes, issues can occur due to permissions or restrictions associated with the user account.
  5. Check if your IIS worker process (w3wp.exe) has sufficient allocated memory. Insufficient memory could lead to app failure.
  6. Take a look at any server security software or firewall settings. These settings might be blocking certain operations of the SDK, causing potential issues.