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Screen Capturing SDK license not working and displays reminders in output video files

There is a possibility that Demo version files were not removed correctly. To fix this please try the following:

  • open c:\Program files\Bytescout Screen Capturing SDK\
  • right click on UninstallAsActiveX.bat and select Run As Administrator. This will unregister and remove runtime files
  • to reinstall right click on InstallAsActiveX.bat and select Run As Administrator: this will reinstall dll files.

Then please try to run your code again.

You may see which dll files are actually used:

  • you may also check reminder messages in the output: it will say “UNREGISTERED version” if you are setting wrong serial but will say “DEMO version” if you are using the DEMO version.
  • tell the SDK to generate log file by adding the following line:

capturer.SetLogFile(“log.txt”). Run your app and check log.txt file: it will contain detailed information if you are using Demo or Full version dll files.