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Getting Started with ByteScout

Welcome to ByteScout!

ByteScout is an API as a Service company. We provide a range of API products from rapid data extraction, document conversion, PDF rendering and generation, OCR and text recognition, sensitive data redaction, barcode reading and generation, spreadsheet creation, and many more.

Let’s Get Started!

To begin, download the trial version here or the full enterprise version in your ByteScout dashboard.

Once installed, you can find the ByteScout SDK distributable DLLs in the Program Files folder.

Open your preferred editor and create a Project. If you’re using Visual Studio, you can add the ByteScout SDK reference in the navigation bar.

To quickly test certain functionalities, we have ready-made sample codes that you can use and modify according to your requirement here. You can also find them in your Documents folder under ByteScout Samples folder.

Some of our SDKs come with the PDF Multitool desktop app. You can use it to quickly test your documents and tweak the settings to get your desired result.