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Can I use our SDK from Delphi?

Yes, Delphi is supported indeed by all of our SDK products.

For PDF Extractor SDK please follow this instruction and check Delphi samples in My Documents\ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK\PDF to CSV\Delphi\


To work with Bytescout PDF Extractor SDK you need to import this as a component into Delphi

IMPORTANT: for Delphi 2009 and higher see “Delphi (late binding)” sample

To import Bytescout PDF Extractor SDK into Delphi 2006 or higher do the following:

1) Click Component | Import Component..

2) Select Type Library and click Next

3) Find and select Bytescout PDF Extractor SDK in the list of available type libraries and

4) Click Next

5) Click Next on next screen

6) Select “Add Bytescout_PDFExtractor_TLB.pas” into Project” and click Finish

This will add Bytescout_PDFExtractor_TLB.pas into your project and now you can use TextExtractor, InfoExtractor, CSVExtractor, XMLExtractor, ImageExtractor object interfaces (_TextExtractor, _InfoExtractor, _CSVExtractor, _XMLExtractor, _ImageExtractor classes)

For Delphi 5,6,7,8 / C++ Builder 5,6,7,8 (for 2006 or higher versions please see above)

1) Start Delphi (or C++ Builder)

2) Select Component menu and “Import ActiveX control..”

3) Find the library in the list of available ActiveX/COM objects

4) Select this library and click “Install”

5) Create a new package for this library imported (for example, TPDFExtractorSDKActiveX)

6) Click OK

7) Answer “Yes” when Delphi (or C++ Builder) asks to rebuild the package

8) The IDE will rebuild the package and will inform that the control has been installed. Close the package and answer “Yes” to save changes

9) The library object is now available on “ActiveX” tab on Tools Pallete. You can simply drag and drop it into the form in your application and use it