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WARNING you are trying to use your license with the TRIAL version

QRCode SDK Error 80131500

When you get the error message above, please try the following:

  • download and install the full version from your ByteScout dashboard
  • if you are using Classic ASP, try to restart your server and uninstall. IIS may block ByteScout….dll file in /System32/ folder so uninstaller not removing it actually.
  • if it still doesn’t work, try to remove all ByteScout.*.* files in /System32 folder before installing the full version

System.Management error 80131501 Access denied

If you installed the full version but it didn’t ask for your license details, please try the following:

  • on your server, please go into c:\program files\Bytescout QR Code SDK\ and run the Activation app. This will activate this specific server.