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How license renewals work?

License renewal for the second or further years is required if you want to have access to the latest version patches, updates and technical support.

We offer a 60% discount off a new license price when you renew your license within the 60-day grace period.

If you renew your license after the grace period, you will still be able to avail the 30% discount off a new license price.

The license discount is subject to change. Please login to your ByteScout dashboard to see the latest promos and discounts available for you.

Renewal is optional and not obligatory. Your license key is perpetual and can be used for life on the version that you currently have. However, if you need to download the latest update, we recommend that you renew your license to get faster access to technical support and download the latest DLL in your dashboard.

To get a quote, you can email us at or open a support ticket.