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Show value above and below the barcode

Our Barcode Generator SDK supports adding text/value above and below the barcode. We have a 60-day SDK trial so you can take it for a spin and see if it fits your requirement. You can download it here

The sample codes are available here

We only have two placeholders for text: Caption and AdditionalCaption. But they can contain multiline text. Caption is automatically generated and contains barcode value but can be overwritten.

Here’s an example

barcode.DrawCaption = true;
barcode.CaptionPosition = CaptionPosition.Below;
barcode.Caption = "98123456\nText Below"; // multiline text

barcode.AdditionalCaptionPosition = CaptionPosition.Above;
barcode.AdditionalCaption = "Text Above";

The Barcode Generator SDK comes with a Barcode Generator desktop app. You can also try the app to get a feel of the Barcode Generator.