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Parse Typical Invoice - VBScript and VB6

Document Parser SDK sample in VBScript and VB6 demonstrating ‘Parse Typical Invoice’

' This example demonstrates parsing of typical invoice.

inputDocument = ".\SampleInvoice.pdf"

' Create DocumentParser object
Set documentParser = CreateObject("Bytescout.DocumentParser.DocumentParser")
documentParser.RegistrationName = "demo"
documentParser.RegistrationKey = "demo"

' Add an internal generic template for typical invoices.
' Note, if it does not parse all required fields, you should create
' own template using Template Editor application.

' Parse document data in JSON format
documentParser.ParseDocument inputDocument, "output.json", 0, False ' 0 = OutputFormat.JSON

' Parse document data in YAML format
documentParser.ParseDocument inputDocument, "output.yml", 1, False ' 1 = OutputFormat.YAML

' Parse document data in XML format
documentParser.ParseDocument inputDocument, "output.xml", 2, True ' 2 = OutputFormat.XML

' Parse document data in CSV format
documentParser.ParseDocument inputDocument, "output.csv", 3, True ' 3 = OutputFormat.CSV

WScript.Echo "Parsed data saved as 'output.json', 'output.yml', 'output.xml', 'output.csv'."

Set documentParser = Nothing

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