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Console version (command line) options

Command Line Console version (Bytescout.BarCodeReader.Console.exe)

Bytescout.BarCodeReader.Console.exe provides command line console utility to read barcodes from images using the command line interface

See the full list of supported command line switches for Bytescout.Spreadsheet.Console.exe
Bytescout BarCode Reader SDK Console 8.35.1526

Usage:  Bytescout.BarCodeReader.Console.exe <filename> <parameters...>

   <filename>    Input document of one of following formats:
                 JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PDF.
                 Wildcards are supported.


   /N:<regname>  BarCode Reader SDK - Command Line License registration name. Must be quoted if contains

   /K:<regkey>   BarCode Reader SDK - Command Line License registration key.

   /F:<file>     Output file. If not specified, application will display results
                 on the console.

   /S:<types>      Barcode types to search for. Comma separated.
                 Valid values: Codabar, Code39, Trioptic, Code93, Code128, EAN2, EAN5, EAN8, EAN13,
                 PatchCode, Interleaved2of5, GS1, UPCA, UPCE, GS1DataBarOmnidirectional,
                 GS1DataBarExpanded, GS1DataBarLimited, GS1DataBarStacked, GS1DataBarExpandedStacked,
                 IntelligentMail, RoyalMail, RoyalMailKIX, AustralianPostCode, PostNet, MSI, Pharmacode,
                 Aztec, Datamatrix, PDF417, QRCode, MaxiCode, MICR, CodablockF, Code16K, MicroPDF.
                 If unspecified, all types will be searched.

   /O:<orient>   Orientations. Comma separated.
                 Valid values: Horizontal, HorizontalFlipped, Vertical90, VerticalMinus90,
                 Rotated11, Rotated11Flipped, RotatedMinus11, RotatedMinus11Flipped,
                 Rotated22, Rotated22Flipped, RotatedMinus22, RotatedMinus22Flipped,
                 Rotated45, Rotated45Flipped, RotatedMinus45, RotatedMinus45Flipped.
                 If unspecified, all orientations will be used for search.

   /A:<areas>   Search areas. Comma separated.
                 Valid values: TopLeftQuarter, TopRightQuarter, BottomLeftQuarter,
                 If unspecified, all areas will be used for search.

   /M:<num>      Max number of barcodes per page.

   /D:<num>      Max number of barcodes per document.

   /L:<length>   Minimal decoded data length.

   /Q            Require "quite zones" before and after barcode.

   /P            Decode orphaned supplemental barcodes.


   Bytescout.BarCodeReader.Console.exe "C:\Scanned Labels\*.jpg" /S:Code39,Code128
   Bytescout.BarCodeReader.Console.exe catalog.tif /F:out.txt /O:Horizontal /Q /L:8