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Read Barcode From PDF - ASP Classic

BarCode Reader SDK sample in ASP Classic demonstrating ‘Read Barcode From PDF’


' In case of "Server.CreateObject Failed", "Server object error "ASP 0177 : 8000ffff" or similar errors:
' Please try the following:
' - Open IIS 
' - Find application pools (DefaultAppPool is used by default)
' - Open its properties and check .NET CLR version selected:
' - if you have  .NET 1.1 then change to .NET CLR 2.00
' - if you have .NET CLR 2.00 then try to change to .NET CLR 4.0

Set bc = Server.CreateObject("Bytescout.BarCodeReader.Reader")

' Limit search to 1D barcodes only (exclude 2D barcodes to speed up the search).
' Change to bc.BarcodeTypesToFind.SetAll() to scan for all supported 1D and 2D barcodes 
' or select specific type, e.g. bc.BarcodeTypesToFind.PDF417 = True

' now reading barcode from temporary saved image (previously extracted from PDF)
bc.ReadFromFile Server.MapPath("example.pdf")

' iterate throuhg all found barcodes on the image
For i = 0 To bc.FoundCount - 1

Response.Write "<br>"
Response.Write "Found barcode on page #" & CStr(bc.GetFoundBarcodePage(i)) & " with type " & Cstr(bc.GetFoundBarcodeType(i)) & " and value " & bc.GetFoundBarcodeValue(i)
Response.Write "<br>"


' empty barcode reader
Set bc = Nothing


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